The Vast Mystery of Who You Are

I had the great pleasure of returning to NYC this spring to perform in Kim Yaged's play, The Vast Mystery of Who You Are (Part 1) at the Downtown Urban Arts Festival. Kim is an incredible playwright and friend, and we've been looking for opportunities to work together ever since I did a reading of this very play a few years ago at Judson. We're hoping to have the opportunity to bring both parts of the play to life very soon! If you're interested in more info, click here for an interview Kim did about the play! 

Forty Creek Whisky

I love that the first commercial I booked in Toronto was for Tim Horton's. I felt I couldn't get more Canadian than that! I had the pleasure of shooting a commercial last week for another Canadian brand, Forty Creek Whiskey. This one was so much fun - the cast was huge and the commercial was done mostly in one shot, so it was a total adventure! I also met a ton of great people. I can't wait to see this one! 

Tim Horton's

Last week I had the pleasure of shooting a fun commercial for Tim Horton's.  It was my first shoot in Toronto, and it was awesome!  I actually booked another role a few weeks ago that would have been my first shoot, but the character ended up being written out.  I was bummed about that, but the booking helped me join ACTRA which is a great step.  Always a silver lining! 

Yesterday I did some ADR for the Tims commercial, and it was pretty fun to see a few different versions of the commercial being cut together in real time with my voiceover.  I can't wait to see the final product!